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How your Website works ?

Previously in our blog we have explained about domain name and here right now  we will have glimpse about how your website works.You might have known website address will be like or, but do you really know what happens when you type that URL and hit enter in your browser?


When you enter the website address “” in your browser, it gets converted into an IP address like “”, this in turn is an IP address of your Hosting server. So, your request for reaches the server and server finds specific folder named “” and pulls the data from the hosting server and sends the information to the web browser. Thus you see the website what you wanted. All Websites work in the same way.

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Hosting Space:

Hosting Space is needed for all your website to function, since All the data including images, content of your website  and  loads from Hosting server. There are many types of hosting available in the market, but  commonly we used two varieties of hosting servers.There are


        » Shared Hosting
        » Business Hosting


Shared Hosting:


A hosting service where several websites are hosted in a single server is called a Shared Hosting . This means that all the resources of the shared server , such as bandwidth, space, database, FTP accounts and email accounts are shared by a number of websites hosted by that particular server. Also, there is no up time guarantee for this server, since it uses only one Hosting server, so there maybe chances of downtime. Failure of internet connection or if server fails which may result in downtime. when the server is down your cant access your data of website.


        » You may experience resource limitation as everybody else in the network uses the same CPU, memory and hard drive.
        » Shared servers are usually hacked by the hackers


Business Hosting:

Since there is no guarantee in uptime for shared hosting servers, technicians came with business class hosting, where they have two servers at two different location, so that if one server fails due to power failure or Internet connection or by any other natural calamities, then it gets connected to backup server and serves the purpose of loading website without any issues. Since these servers have 99.99% Uptime guarantee, they are used by Business class people.


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