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Secure your Company Website from Hackers

How to secure your company website from Hackers?

Making your website live is like unlocking the door to your premises with your office and safe open. Most of the people who visit your physical building will never even know that all of your data is there to discover just by walking in. Occasionally you will find someone with malicious intent who will walk in and steal your data. That is why you have locks on doors and safes.


Your website is just the same, except that you will never see anyone come in unless you have protection systems in place. Electronic thieves are invisible and fast., searching for your website for details of customers’ accounts, especially for their credit card information. You have a legal obligation to protect this data from theft and to report security breaches that occur.


Why use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) ?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol which creates a secure connection between a client and the server over which to send information. SSL works by using a cryptographic system that uses two keys (public and private ) to encrypt data. Anything encrypted with the public key can only be decrypted with the private key, and vice versa.


We recommend using SSL Certificate in your website too. To Get SSL Certificate for your website, click the banner below; or if you are located at Hosur, You’re in luck, you can visit our office directly or you can call us at 8903322200. We shall take care of your SSL Certificate Installation at free of cost.

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