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How to choose your Website Address ?

Choose your Domain Name Carefully

It’s great to hear that you have planned to run a website , to reach your audience online . To do that , there are two important  things which you must know 

        » Domain name
        » Hosting Space

Domain Name:

Domain name is also known as Website Address eg. A Domain name always extensions like “.com” ,“.in”,  “, etc,. We recommend our customers to go with  “.com” extension for its popularity and ease of access . Although   there are few other tips to get domain names as follows


      » Choose the domain name that is easy to remember by your customer .
      » Never use hyphens(-) , symbols(# , $,%, *, etc,.) , or colons (:) in the domain name
      » Avoid using very long domain names for business


By now you must have understood the importance of domain name for your business . You can register the best domain name  for your business from us at very affordable rates. 


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 To know about hosting space be in touch with us for next blog.